The Pilates Plus Virtual Studio

Enjoy live, interactive Pilates classes in the comfort of your own space

We believe it is important that you focus on your wellness and stay connected. Through our Pilates practice, we hope you are able to find a safe space to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.
Though we resumed sessions at our Pilates Plus studios, we understand that there are still some who prefer to stay home for their utmost safety and protection. Consequently, we decided to make online mat sessions available to interested clients via ZOOM, which you can download as a free app on your tablet or computer. Whether you are a new or experienced Pilates student, we have a personalized online class for you.

As you go online, we have prepared the following guidelines for a productive session.

  • Set an appointment in our Pilates Plus website and wait for a confirmation.
  • You will be sent a notification for the link of your Zoom session on your chosen day and time and assigned available instructor.
  • Setting up at home.
    • Find a quiet and spacious location with a strong WiFi connection, that is well lighted and ventilated. Lighting will make it easier to see and correct you as you move during the session.
    • Prepare your yoga or pilates mat.
    • If you have accessories on hand like bands, a small hard pillow, ball weights, etc., please put them beside you for easy accessibility.
    • Position your tablet or computer on the floor right in front of your mat, about one meter, to give the instructor a good view of you and vice -versa so you can receive instructions clearly.

    No need to wear earphones. Adjust the volume of your gadget suited to your hearing.

  • Log in 5-10 minutes before your session so the instructor can speak to you and make any adjustments in the set up if need be.

We look forward to smooth and effective sessions for your health and wellness, in these unusual circumstances.

Thank you!

Note: To successfully avail the session, you need to pay online or the session will be voided. Once the booking has been made, Pilates plus will send you an e-mail for the Zoom account link to start the session.

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