Studio Policies

Dear Pilates Plus Client,

The Pilates Plus studio has grown in the past 4 years and we are both grateful and thankful. However, there have been some growing pains that we need to address at this point.

The studio thrives on a committed schedule by the clients. The process is that the studio will send a reminder text to the client in the morning of the day before the scheduled session which the client MUST CONFIRM by text upon receipt. If we do not get a confirmation on or before Seven o’clock in the evening, it is presumed that the client has declined the session and we will open it for other clients to avail of.

If a client confirms the session but does not show up or cancels with less than 6 hours prior to the schedule, the session is declared FORFEITED. We feel that this is fair, most specially for the instructors, who are paid on a per-session basis and have blocked off their schedule for the client.

The make-up sessions for the declined session will depend upon the availability of open sessions of the instructors and the studio.

The Client must come at least 5 minutes before the schedule session. The instructor is not obligated to make up time due to the clients tardiness. More than 20 minutes tardiness constitutes a late cancellation, and the instructor is not obligated to conduct the session. In some cases, the instructor will wait and work with you for the remaining time. However, This solely up to his/her discretion. In either in case, you will be charge fully for the session.

For duets or groups sessions, it will proceed even if the other client(s) is (are) absent.


  • Please dress comfortably with clothing that you can easily move in stretch in. This can include but is not limited to t-shirt, tanks tops, sweat pants, yoga pants, shorts, leggings, etc.
  • For hygienic reasons, kindly use socks at all times when having the sessions.
  • Kindly put your cellular phone in silent mode while sessions are on going. If urgent call must be taken, please take your calls outside so the other clients would not be disturbed.

We hope you understand our predicament and enjoin us with adhering to this procedure.