Dennie Princess Fantone, 23 yo, graduated Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at San Pedro College. She practiced PT at Kidapawan Medical Specialist for a year and at the same time worked as a part-time Anatomy Professor at San Pedro College and a Home-based PT. Though her career was blossoming at that time, she felt that there was something missing, something that could drive fire within her soul, and that’s when she found Pilates. At first, she just wanted to try something new, but later on she fell in love with every move and how it changed her posture, confidence and desire. With God’s grace, she was given an opportunity to have proper training in Manila under Vivian Zapanta.

Behind closed doors, Dennie is an easy-going person, who always laughs and has a great sense of humor. She loves music, adventure and traveling as well as the small and simple things in life because for her, being happy is a state of mind. It is a person’s choice. She is also strong and is an independent person that can face a lot of difficulties in life. She’s a person who appreciates every bit of everything and is very passionate, committed and dedicated on the things she does and always gives her best shot. She loves helping and making people happy because for her life is too short to be sad, to be mad, to hold regrets, to be depressed and to be unkind.